I would like to thank The Signal Box for their understanding, approach, and expertise in producing an exceptionally high quality video. Their service, creativity, and end result was outstanding and on time. I would recommend their services to any business who’s looking to take their business to the next level.

Hala Roberts
Aurelia Energy Enhancement Clinic

What we did:

  • Creative Direction  
  • Scriptwriting
  • Animation
  • Graphics Development
  • Post-Production

Energy Healer Hala Roberts launched the Energy Healing Clinic and wellness brand Aurelia in 2018. The concept of Aurelia was simple: let your body heal itself by giving it a chance to. Aurelia had a unique value proposition different from a spa or retreat centre in combining energy healing and relaxation together. The only challenge left was communicating a brand new concept in a one-of-a-kind clinic to the public.

We partnered with Aurelia Energy Enhancement Clinic in creating an animated graphic video to demonstrate what Aurelia has to offer.

Through the use of iconography, colour, and graphics, we were able to cover the broad and complicated premise of what Aurelia provides.

It has become a one-stop explanation of a new, unique, and exciting clinic.