Delivering a Keynote Presentation from the office


Australia’s eSafety Commissioner developed an online safety guide for businesses, industries, and government agencies: Safety By Design. As part of the launch, the commissioner Julie Inman Grant was asked to present to RightsCon, an international summit on human rights in the digital age. With a tight turnaround and COVID restrictions, we had to create a stylised video presentation and product promotional explainer in one shoot inside the eSafety Commissioner office.

We produced a studio Keynote Presentation with a small footprint

We transformed the eSafety office into a high end studio


With significant restraints on the project, we opted to create a small scale broadcast-quality studio inside a spare meeting room. Filming at a much higher resolution than required for output enabled flexibility in post production, incorporating a wide range of branded infographics to clearly communicate the benefits of building safe online infrastructure.

By simplifying the production set up to focus on performance and allowing for maximum flexibility, we were able to capture content quickly and easily for different uses and channels. This agile approach gave eSafety the option for late changes pending new requirements, a range of infographic styles and versions, all with their unique branded look for Safety By Design.

Safety By Design was a success at RightsCon and among industry partners here in Australia, plus the production process has been replicated going forward for the eSafety Commissioner in all keynote presentations and promotional explainers.


  • Creative Direction
    Film and Sound
    Digital Compositing
    Sound Design and Mix