Bringing the Estate into every Australian home


Cobram Estate wanted us to bring a new angle to their Extra Virgin Olive Oil, while still showcasing their unwavering commitment to freshness and quality. The challenge was to find a new way to connect with audiences, without compromising the integrity and heritage of their brand.

Our VR Campaign was seen by over 2.6 million Aussies in under three months

Our goal is to bring the harvest experience to every Australian household


We started by sitting down with Cobram Estate so we could understand the business as a whole. They took us on a tour of their olive groves in Northern Victorian and we wanted everyone to be able to experience what we did. But inviting everyone to physically visit the groves would be an impossible task. So why not bring them there virtually?

With the launch of new cutting-edge cameras and equipment, virtual reality (VR) was on the verge of becoming accessible to a broader market. As the technology adapted, so did we. Using custom graphic and sound elements we crafted a unique 360° virtual reality experience – compatible with VR googles, smartphones, tablets and desktops – bringing the estate to life for Australian consumers.

Not only was the VR Campaign was seen by over 2.6 million Australians in under three months, but also a big success overseas used in Trade Shows with VR Googles at-the-ready.


  • Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Scriptwriting
  • 360° Film and Sound
  • 360° Aerial
  • Post-production
  • 360° Graphics
  • Sound Design and Mix


"The Signal Box have a great process of starting with understanding the business as a whole, and then aligning on a clear brief of what is required, and what success looks like. They are agile in approach, bring their own creative spin to the project, and provide solutions... They are down to earth, all round good guys that have a genuine passion for moving our business forward, and connecting emotionally with consumers."

Jane Prior
General Manager Sales & Marketing, Cobram Estate