These guys are awesome! Measured approach to all situations with an outstanding understanding of brief and execution of content.

Preoshun Poonasamy
Digital Manager
Cobram Estate

What we did:

  • Creative Direction 
  • Scriptwriting
  • On site filming
  • Studio filming
  • Aerial drone
  • Post-Production
  • Graphics

Wellgrove Health AU is a new pharmaceutical health brand entering the Australian Market.

Wellgrove’s mission is to improve health and wellbeing with pure, traceable, Australian-grown olive wellness products.

The Signal Box were engaged by Wellgrove to create a reverse video that captures the high quality process of Wellgrove’s products, from bottle to branch.

The team travelled to the beautiful grounds of Boundary Bend, rural Victoria to film the high quality process of Wellgrove products.

The approach to the video was to capture each clip stylistically so that it could be watched in reverse to educate consumers the Wellgrove process.

The challenge in creating a reversed video was finding shots that look impressive in reverse. Most shots when reversed in fact, don’t look reversed – it just looks like the direction changed.

To overcome this challenge, we focused on shots that relied on gravity, as shots that reverse gravity translates effectively on screen as a reverse shot.