I have worked in television for more than 20 years, as an editor for ABC I can say with total confidence “these guys are amazing”. Not only is their camera work beautiful, so is their sensibility for editing while bringing out a strong story line. No matter what your product is, these guys can shoot it in a way that makes it even more interesting, relevant and appealing.

Luke Power
Editor / Visual Artist

What we did:

  • Localisation
  • Distribution
  • VFX
  • Graphics Development

The video game giant Ubisoft had recently created and released a series of games for Playstation & Xbox in Australia.

Originally, the trailers and teaser videos created for Ubisoft were in and for overseas markets.

They needed to localise and modify Tvcs for the Australian market, including release dates, restrictions, ratings, CAD approvals and distribution.

After receiving the After Effects compositions, we were able to successfully unpick each project and its embedded effects to local specifications for approval and distribution.