I approached Josh and The Signal Box team earlier this year, for their help to produce a corporate video and creative assets. It’s a large project, requiring filming at farms and work sites across multiple states over the course of a year. Throughout, Josh, Adam and Ben have been highly professional, easy to work with, and flexible to accommodate our needs and changing environmental conditions…

Erin Hart
Marketing Manager
Red Rich Fruits

Red Rich Fruits

What we did:

  • Creative Direction 
  • Scriptwriting
  • Multi-location filming
  • Aerial drone
  • Post-Production
  • Colour Grade
  • Graphics

Since 1948, Red Rich Fruits has been a leading Australian grower, packer, marketer & exporter of quality fresh fruit.

Their mission is to put the highest quality, fresh fruit on all plates in Australia and key export markets.

The Signal Box was engaged to capture the 75-year story of the brands’ Australia-wide business.

Creative Direction

Red Rich Fruits carries a long tradition of growers across Australia, steeped in heritage and family values. As a brand, they uphold three core pillars:

Customer Satisfaction.

These pillars have shaped the business and the Napoleone family since emigrating to Australia.

We looked to highlight how great produce, grown by a great Aussie family for generations, continues to support Aussie families with the deliciously fresh fruit.

This required filming each of Red Rich Fruits’ orchards located across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

The creative takes consumers on a family-driven journey through each location, highlighting the unique fruit being grown and harvested by the Red Rich Fruits family.

Location #1 – Apples | Coldstream, Victoria

Apples, apples, and more apples. Specifically: Fuji; Granny Smith; Pink Lady; Red Delicious; Royal Gala; and, Sundowner.

Coldstream has the perfect climate to grow juicy, crunchy apples that Australians know and love.

On top of the Apples, this Yarra Valley location is a hot tourist destination for Red Rich Fruits’ beverage brands: Punt Road Wines, Napoleone cider, and Detour Beer Co.

Location #2 – Citrus | Gayndah, Queensland

The home of the Big Orange, Gayndah is famous for its citrus.

In the shadows of Mt Lawless and Mt Debatable, these orchards are home to some 20,000 trees of mandarins, grapefruits, lemons and oranges.

The unique and extravagant landscape of the North Burnett Region is a stark contrast to Red Rich Fruits’ home in the Yarra Valley.

Location #3 – Mangoes | Darwin, Northern Territory

Nothing says summer like Aussie Mangoes!

The hot, steamy site of Berry Springs produced these gorgeous rich reds as the sun wraps around the fruit.

We captured the stunning movement of mangoes being flung from the tree and into the wash bath.

Although facing the heat, these pickers we’re loving the job, and captured the big smiles of each picker throughout the morning picking.

Location #4 – Distribution | Eastern Creek, New South Wales

An operation as large as this one needs a seamless central hub that connects the process together.

Eastern Creek is home to Red Rich Fruits’ distribution centre, the last stop for fruit before it hits the shelves.

The apples from Coldstream, citrus from Gayndah, and the mangoes from Berry Springs all come here to be sorted and sent across Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Initially, a warehouse may feel cold and emotionless. In reality, it’s full of dedicated staff who go above and beyond to deliver the freshest fruit to Aussie families.


We thoroughly enjoy working with Michael Napoleone (owner), Erin Hart (Marketing Manager), and the entire Red Rich Fruit family.

Australia is home to some of the highest quality fruit seen around the world, and we are privileged to play a little part of that story.