Last minute productions are a real stress test. Within a matter of days to turn it all around, The Signal Box edited the scripts to time, directed and manned the shoots, all enabling myself and Stan to turn around half hour hosted BTS shows… Amazing.

Matt Reeder
Executive Producer

What we did:

  • Creative Direction 
  • Scriptwriting
  • Animation
  • Post-Production
  • Graphics

Pegasus is a management solutions software company operating out of Newcastle N.S.W.

The Pegasus solution operates on over 250 client sites, helping to manage the safety and competence of 1.95 million workers from 100,000 companies.

The task was simple: create an explainer video which effectively communicates the Pegasus solution, in an easy-to-understand format.

Taking design inspiration from city management games such as SimCity, our approach was to leverage isometric animation design and create scenes that replicate real world examples of Pegasus in action.

The two minute animation features scenes from railways, mines, power plants, shipping docks, and warehouse facilities, showing the various industries Pegasus’ innovative solution applies to.

Each scene demonstrates how the Pegasus solution can be at the centre of any operation, connecting a competent workforce.