The power of three

In 2017, a law student-dad, a technologist-pastor to be, and a bibliophile-archaeologist, all walked into a bar... 🙂  No, they were all busy making their mark in the media world when they met and forged the most unlikely of trios. What seemed a curious grouping then, now seems like fate.

Ben, Josh and Adam formed The Signal Box Pty Ltd,  and their diverse backgrounds meant that by engaging them – you could harness the power of so much more.

Today, with an expanded team and comprehensive in-house facilities they produce top flight STRATEGY, CREATIVE, and PRODUCTION that builds on the multidisciplinary service that brought them together.

If you have a story to tell and want the experience and results to be rewarding  –

We listen, question, understand, deliver.

Executive Creative Director

Ben Pietor

Ben Pietor is Executive Creative Director at the Signal Box. He is a highly skilled director, strategist and team leader, with over twenty years’ experience here and abroad. His work has graced the Sydney Opera House, UNHQ, Carnegie Hall, your television sets, your streaming devices, film festivals, websites, outdoor, video sharing and social media platforms. Ben still hasn't finished his law degree - disappointing his mother to no end.
Technical and Digital Director

Josh Wyatt

Josh Wyatt is our Technical and Digital MacGyver in residence. He keeps us effortlessly pushing those pixels through the pipeline delivering outstanding results. He's the model of a multidisciplinary -also being a gun in the edit suite and a hot shot behind the camera. Josh is the religious one.
Production and Accounts Director

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is Head of Account Services and Production. He is the rail road tracks on which The Signal Box runs. Unflappable, he seems like a really lovely guy, because he is. Being a classics major though, he never misses an opportunity to provide us with a history lesson. Never.


If you have a story to tell and want the experience and results to be rewarding – take a moment to delve a little deeper into what we do and the stories we have already told.